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Hoo Hoo Media, is associated with Imagicon Entertainment. Hoo Hoo focuses on children’s entertainment and education by creating and producing television programs and movies, creating and writing books, recording voice overs for programs characters, producing book trailers and interviews, advertising and more. We aim to educate, build and stretch the imagination and minds of children in a healthy manner and maintaining close relationships with schools and communities. Hoo Hoo Media also plans to incorporate international books and programs, sharing the diversity of cultures with kids around the world. We have the relationships with established children’s book authors, illustrators, animation artists, story board artists to bring on board our projects.

TITLE ANNOUNCED SOON ------- Books/Animation Series     
We aim to make it an animation series as well and bring it to stations like PBS and others, stations with an educational purpose through entertainment.
WE OWN THE SEA ------------------- Books
Hoo Hoo Media may be coinciding with Imagicon Entertainment for the children’s “learn to read” book series. These are based on the upcoming family/adventure, feature film, We Own the Sea, which is currently being produced by Imagicon Entertainment. The film is being aimed for a worldwide theatrical release with a sequel following it.

Concept covers of the "easy to read "children’s series for Imagicon Entertainments feature film, WE OWN the SEA.

Aside from Hoo Hoo Media’s own projects, staying involved with schools and communities is important to us, so we also produce and provide the following services:
  • Video’s for schools
  • Images, concept art, animation 
  • Book author interviews and promo videos
  • School events 
  • Children’s Advertisement publications
  • Write books based on other production companies films
  • Kids TV episodes
  • Animation episodes/series

  • ...and more. Contact us to discuss your needs.